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TRON: Clu's betrayal is a fan-fiction story about Tron written by Colmyo.

The story is:


"Just one more line... there!" Kevin Flynn had created the grid. He copied Tron over and

created Clu as helpers. He was happy at his creation. "Now to test it out." He activated the

digitizing beam, which sent him to the digital utopia. Clu and Tron were very happy to

meet Flynn. Tron and Clu walked away with Flynn as he told them stories about the real

world and the old system.


Clu was working with Tron to create a fourth generation Light cycle. They looked at the

third generation Light cycle. They both worked hard for about six cycles to create this

Light cycle. Then they copied it and sent it to all batons. The new light cycle was done. Clu,

at the time, was taking System Monitors and making them sentries. A few of them helped

on the creation. Flynn, at the time, was taking care of Sam, his son who would

grow up to be the savior of the Grid. Tron was heading off to the games, while Clu waited

for Flynn's arrival.


Flynn finally had re arrived in the Grid, happy to see Clu and Tron again. He saw the new

Light cycle on display, but also noticed the new Light Ribbon. The sea of simulation was

bubbling up, when a program came up. Flynn named them ISOs. Clu left at the arrival of

them, because he knew what might happen with them.


Sam, now three, missed his mother very much. She had died in a fatal car wreck in 1985. Kevin was going to the Grid to check

on the ISOs instead of Clu and Tron. Tron didn't mind but Clu was angry. He decided that

the ISOs must be destroyed. "But Clu, Flynn ordered us to not mess with them until further

notice." Tron was trying to make Clu understand that ISOs are a miracle. Clu came up with

Black Guards, and took his sentries to make them. They used an ISO to create them.


Black Guards, having been created, and in Beta stage, were after Tron and he tried to

warn Flynn about Clu. Tron never made it back until 1988. Flynn thought he had been

derezzed, and was angered at this. He tried to remake Tron, but only created disaster. This

"Disaster" was more Black Guards. Clu captured TR2N and made him a Guard.


Tron had finally escaped the Black Guards, having had his arm derezzed. Flynn had no time

to worry about it, and quickly repaired it. Clu gave an ISO named Jalen an upgraded disc

after winning the tournament, and it made him into the monstrous virus, Abraxas. Clu

pretended that he didn't know of it or about it. The black guards were finished, and Clu

met more ISOs, which he destroyed. He poisoned the sea of simulation to stop them

from being created ever again.


Clu changed his suit and went rogue. He destroyed all but one ISO and Abraxas was

killed by Anon, a prototype system monitor. Clu went to ask Flynn and Tron, "Am I still to

create the perfect system?" And Tron told Flynn to go, for he would defeat Clu. He

defeated the guards, but Clu left him for dead and made him Rinzler.

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