Creations Wiki

General Rules

  • Try to use correct spelling and grammar. Unintelligible sentences and words are held in disapproval.
  • Be kind to your fellow users. Try not to offend or discriminate them and respect their opinions.
  • Don't use vulgar or obscene language. Anything beyond mild curses like "crap" or "damn" is prohibited.
  • Any conversations concerning copulation, alcohol, narcotics or other subjects on this matter will cause a a warning: stop talking about it now. If it continues, it will cause an immediate block for both the user who started it and those who took a part in it.
    • Don't upload any images or other multimedia with content mentioned above.
  • No trolling.
  • Don't overly advertise your website. Posting a link is okay, as long as it doesn't turn into spamming.

Chat-Specific Rules

  • Try not to interrupt into conversations of other users, unless you have to tell something very important for the Wiki.
    • Do not repeatedly disrupt a conversation with random, pointless interruptions.
  • Don't start conversations about controversial topics like religion or politics.
  • You may not ask other users their name, age or religion, nor can you ask for their address or phone number. Users who are caught doing this will be informed that it is strictly prohibited. If they continue, they will be banned for 5 days. If they persist, they will be blocked from the Wiki infinitely.
    • If any user is subject to questioning like mentioned above in Private Messages, please tell an Admin immediately, in public or private chat.