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Mini Drum Set

Creation type

Egg carton sculpture

Creation time

A few hours



The Mini Drum Set is a a sculpture made by Jeyo from an egg carton. It was a Father's Day present from Jeyo to his dad in 2011.


The Mini Drum Set is not very large, maybe 4 square inches (9 square cm) of space. it contains a base drum and pedal, a snare drum and a high-hat and three other drums. Two symbols are also included (not counting the high-hat).


It was made with hot-glue, an egg carton, paint, some plastic and cloth and a few paper clips. The paper clips were straightened and snipped into segments for the legs of the symbols. The drum heads were made when Jeyo asked a girl who was eating if he could have the container for her food when she was done. He then cut out little plastic circles from it and glued them to the egg carton cylinders that were to be the drums.