Calculator is a program coded and developed in Visual Studio 2013 by CoolCreations.


The Calculator includes numbers 0 - 9, a Decimal (.) button, along with Add, Subtract, Multiply and Dividing buttons, and a Clear (CE) and Backspace (<--) buttons.


This creation is available for download here

Update # Release Date Changes
1.0 November 28, 2014 The first public version, featuring basic Calculator functions.
1.1 Unknown A minor update to 1.0, with a few glitches fixed and internal changes to prepare for the next update.
1.2 Unknown A larger revision compared to 1.1, with a new "Options" window and more internal fixes.


  • This was the first project completed by CoolCreations.
  • It was released later than planned, as CoolCreations struggled to find a way to correctly bundle the files for the program to function.