WARNING: This is short.

Tron was being himself, as usual. He was created by Alan for the old grid. Flynn had brought him into the new

grid via a portal between systems and worlds. He had one program he knew well guard the portal. It was a she,

not a he. Her name was Yori. Her point was to protect the portal. But after a battle, Tron was sent to help Clu.

Flynn had arrived after Tron. "What happened, Clu?" "A virus by the name of Abraxas has damaged some

programs severely." Tron decided to get Flynn out of the grid, so he took Flynn by the wrist and ran, trying to get

him out alive. Clu came and decided to use his Black Guards to attempt to kill Tron, but Tron beat them all, but Clu

took him down and rectified him with a red disc he obtained in battle.